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How Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Look After Weight Loss in Norwich, CT

Deciding to take control of your health and your life by committing to a nutritious diet and exercise regimen is one of the best decisions a person can make for their body. Sometimes, however, a person’s dedication to extreme weight loss may leave them with excess sagging skin and stubborn deposits of fat that can reinstate self-consciousness and a negative body image they experienced before their weight loss. If you are struggling with your new body not matching your expectations, there are a variety of plastic surgery procedures that can help tone and tighten your physique to reach your end goals and boost your self-esteem.

Liposuction After Weight Loss

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that is used to remove stubborn fat deposits throughout the body. Many people choose to undergo liposuction because it permanently removes fat cells that may not be affected by a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Liposuction is extremely versatile and can be used to treat the neck, chest, upper arms, abdomen, back, thighs, hips, buttocks, and more, resulting in a sleeker, more chiseled physique. The procedure is done by inserting a cannula through a small incision. The cannula’s vacuum-pressure unit then suctions out the fat in the targeted area. Patients typically return to work in three to five days after the procedure, and some will wear a snug elastic garment for up to three weeks. Recovery occurs gradually and swelling should subside altogether by the sixth month.

Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss

Just as liposuction is useful in removing unwanted fat, a tummy tuck takes this a step further by removing excess skin and fat from the abdomen and flanks and tightening the underlying abdominal muscles. This procedure is particularly useful for those afflicted with sagging skin due to significant weight loss, and the procedure has considerable aesthetic benefits. Full recovery typically requires two to four weeks; however, some patients may find themselves able to return to work after seven to 10 days.

Body Lift After Weight Loss

If you’ve undergone significant weight loss, suffer from excess sagging skin, and are looking for a procedure that is individually tailored to your specific needs and desires, a body lift might be for you. A combination of one or more procedures, the body lift targets the shape and tone of the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks by removing cellulite, tightening the muscles, and lifting sagging skin. While the results of this surgery will lead you to feel lighter and fully enjoy your well-deserved results, the removal of excess skin will also reduce the likelihood of chafing, which could lead to infection. After following specific instructions given by Dr. Martin, a full recovery is usually made within two to three weeks following the procedure, but drainage may stay in place for up to four weeks.

Brachioplasty After Weight Loss

Stretched out upper arms can be the most difficult area of the body to tone and tighten. While all of your efforts to improve the look of your arms may frustratingly fail, there is a surgical solution with brachioplasty. This procedure tightens and tones the upper arms by trimming any excess fat and skin, giving the arms a more sculpted and toned look. Recovery after brachioplasty is gradual. You should expect to wear elastic bandages for three days that will assist in the healing process, reduce inflammation, and protect the incision. Dressings are removed after three days, while the compression garment should be worn for a month after surgery. The patient should avoid strenuous activity for a week.

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