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Facial Surgery Before and After Pictures in Norwich, CT

Your face is the focal point of your body and you deserve to be happy with your appearance. Dr. Richard J. Martin at Connecticut Surgical Arts offers a variety of facial surgery procedures to improve the aesthetic and confidence of men and women in Colchester, Norwich, Waterford, Mystic, Glastonbury and surrounding communities of Connecticut.

If the way your face looks doesn’t match the vibrancy and youth you feel on the inside, there are many facial plastic surgery options that can transform your look. Rhinoplasty can solve cosmetic issues such as bumps on the nose or wide nostrils, and can even improve health problems like breathing difficulties. If your eyelids appear tired or aged, blepharoplasty can rejuvenate the eye area for a brighter appearance. Perhaps you suffer from a chin that is too prominent or doesn’t balance your face? If so, you might benefit from a chin implant. Or if you want to overhaul your look for a youthful vibrancy and fix wrinkles and sagging, a face lift might be the right option for you.

Whatever your concerns about your face are, your self-esteem is an important factor in your overall happiness in life. Dr. Martin is here to consult with you about the improvements you’d like to see. Connecticut Surgical Arts offers a complementary consultation so you can find out more about the procedure of your dreams and the results you can expect.

To get a good idea of what facial surgery results look like on real patients, check out our facial surgery before and after picture gallery. Choose from the facial surgery types below to see unretouched photos of patient outcomes.

Facial surgery offered at Connecticut Surgical Arts is tailored with your wellbeing and goals in mind. If you’re a resident of Norwich, Colchester, Waterford, Mystic, Glastonbury or nearby areas of Connecticut, contact us today for a complementary consultation.