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Liposuction Before and After Pictures in Norwich, CT

Liposuction is a method of removing stubborn fat deposits on the body that don’t respond to a healthy diet and exercise. Dr. Richard J. Martin at Connecticut Surgical Arts offers liposuction for men and women from Norwich, Colchester, Waterford, Mystic, Glastonbury, and surrounding communities in Connecticut.

You’ve been eating right and sweating at the gym, but nothing seems to help when it comes to certain pockets of fat on your body that simply won’t budge. You’re not alone. Men and women of all body types find problem areas when it comes to fat content, and it can leave anyone feeling less than happy about themselves. Liposuction is a popular solution to remove fat deposits and leave you with a leaner and more attractive figure.

Patients choose liposuction on many areas of the body, from the stomach to the thighs and even areas like the neck and back. By carefully removing fat and sculpting these areas to reflect a toned physique, you can feel great about the way you look again. Dr. Martin is committed to helping patients improve their personal aesthetic and self-esteem, and has years of expertise in bringing inner beauty to the outside.

Take a look at liposuction before and after pictures below to get a better idea of the realistic results you can expect from this procedure. These pictures are not retouched. We provide them to show liposuction results from people like you and to help you get a better idea of what your results may look like.

Dr. Richard J. Martin of Connecticut Surgical Arts offers liposuction to men and women in Colchester, Norwich, Waterford, Mystic, Glastonbury, and nearby communities in Connecticut seeking a tighter physique where diet and exercise have failed to remove stubborn fat. Contact us today to set up your free consultation appointment and get on the road to looking and feeling better in your own skin.